Adult Therapy

Are you overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, burnout, and the stress of finding a work/life balance? Are you struggling to create and maintain meaningful relationships with your friends, colleagues, or partner? Are you facing a crossroads and not sure what to do?

Perhaps talking to your friends is no longer helping (or it might even be making you feel worse).

Are you ready to find practical and powerful tools that will decrease stress and increase joy?

Individualized therapy can help you:

  • Work through a difficult life transition
  • Build more rewarding relationships
  • Access healthy coping tools
  • Address sadness, loneliness or anxiety
  • Alleviate unnecessary tension and stress
  • Uncover a sense of deeper purpose

Your therapy will be personalized based on your history, personality style and goals. I am inspired by all who desire growth and improvement, and am honored to be a part of the exploration process.

You are invited to explore new coping and resiliency skills in a comfortable, collaborative, and safe environment. Alleviating stress from your tense, time-constrained life will free you to create the joy-filled life you want.