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Kinship Club brings Helpers and Healers together to connect and collaborate through a restorative, nourishing, informative, practical and seriously FUN community.

sarah heart belongs to social work

Hi! I’m Sarah…

I have a range of titles and roles: Social Worker, Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Trainer, Mom, Partner, Daughter, Sister, Friend… you get the picture. I’ve worked in public education and private practice for the last twelve years.  And the thing that lights me up and brings me infinite joy, excitement, and hope is helping people who help people.

Here are some fundamental truths I’ve uncovered about Helpers and Healers like you:

These fundamental truths are the reason I’ve created Kinship Club. My mission is to equip you with the skills and self-awareness to thrive. Through customized live webinars, pop up coaching sessions, access to valuable resources, and huge doses of comfort, the Kinship Club will help you hone your craft, cultivate resilience, reconnect with your purpose, and collaborate with each other.

  1. On a daily basis you are supporting, empathizing, developing, defending, protecting, collaborating, crisis intervening, consulting, and constantly cultivating calm amid chaos.  That’s heavy stuff.
  2. You are exhausted to the bone.  Your heart and brain are overworked and overwhelmed. This work is seriously tough, but so are YOU.
  3. Your work matters and it’s making a difference (even though it doesn’t always feel that way and nobody ever tells you…).
  4. It’s almost impossible for you to pursue high-quality professional development.  You’re constantly dealing with crippling caseloads, overwhelming bureaucracy, and restricted resources.
  5. Maintaining a connection to your purpose (your “why”) is critical – and only possible – through ongoing consultation, connection and radical self-care. 

Inside Kinship Club, you’ll have access to:

4x live calls a month

1x Book club

A deep dive into books and valuable conversations around how they can impact our work as Helpers and Healers and our lives as humans.

1x Private practice 101

All the ins and outs about making your private practice and small business dreams come true!  Guest speakers will be invited to share about topics that revolve around the theme of starting, growing and sustaining a private practice.  

1x Office hours

Office Hours will focus on reconnecting with your individual purpose, motivation, and value as a clinician.  This reflective hour is designed to provide conceptual and practical takeaways for prioritizing self-care in the face of system burnout, crippling caseloads, and compassion fatigue.

1x Play Therapy Power Hour

Play Therapy Power Hour will be packed with all kinds of adaptable, affordable, and clinically sound play-based interventions.  You’ll learn, laugh, network, share, explore and reflect in a creative, collaborative atmosphere that leaves you feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Resource Hub

Resources including articles, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, templates, etc. that will help you hone your craft as a Helper or Healer.

Community Support

Access to an extraordinary community of Helpers and Healers (I will be in there as well!) in a private Facebook Group.  The group will offer peer support for any and all things related to helping and healing.

Recharge and Planning Email

A monthly email highlighting the specifics of events for the upcoming month.  It will also include relevant resources and supports, and will be sprinkled with lots of encouragement, inspiration, and love.

Kinship Club is all yours for only $40/month.