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This work is heavy, Fam.
In Kinship Club, you never have to do it alone.

Kinship Club is equal parts community and skill development.
It’s the perfect blend of helping you take care of kids and yourself.

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Does it feel like you’re loathing this work more than loving it?

Real talk – being a kid therapist is heavy stuff. On any given day, you’re advocating, empathizing, creating, collaborating, consulting, case-managing, crisis intervening, and holding the most beautiful space for everyone around you. You’re sacrificing lunch hours and personal time to sort through:

  • The massive emotions of the kids you serve
  • The overwhelming feelings of the parents you support
  • The infuriating standards of the systems you work within
  • The confusing path toward the career you dreamed of

You’re navigating such moral injury and red tape that you’re beyond overtired and overwhelmed by the end of the day.

Holding space for yourself or finding time to further your professional development seems nearly impossible. Worse yet, it often feels like you’re the only person who understands the challenges of this work.

We know this is what it’s like because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to loathe this work. But we also know what it’s like to love it.

Loving it happens when you have community support in:

  • Exploring the massive and sometimes baffling behaviors and emotions of the kids you serve
  • Making allies out of the parents you support
  • Navigating the standards of the system without losing sight of the work
  • Learning how to build up your toolbox to become the confident kid therapist you’ve always wanted to be

Having a community empowers you to take on this work. It’s a deep form of nourishing self-care. It ensures that the same care, compassion, and curiosity you give to those around you comes right back to you. And that community care is exactly what you can find inside of: 

A membership community for kid therapists looking for compassionate connection and continuous professional growth.

Kinship Club provides kid therapists with a vault of resources, monthly trainings, weekly coaching sessions, and a network of kid therapists at every stage in their career that you can tap into for insight.

This is your place to be seen, heard, and valued as you’re supported in building the career you dreamed of.

“Kinship Club has been my main source of clinical support for the last year, and it’s been extremely helpful! I love having a huge group of therapists and social workers from all over the country to ask for support, referrals, advice, and consultation. Being in the helping profession, especially with kids, can feel lonely and overwhelming, but Kinship Club has been such an incredible resource.”

– Kasey Gackstetter, LMFT, RPT

Kinship Club Member 

Hey Fam!

I’m Sarah Scott Dooling.

And I believe that…

People need to feel seen and heard. I’ve understood this since I was ten when I opened my first therapy practice (you read that right!) Right in the corner of my living room, I’d schedule my clients (aka my family) to sit and share their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams with me, and I loved every minute of it.

Over the last fifteen years in my roles as a school social worker, clinical supervisor, and private practice therapist, I’ve listened, witnessed, and held space for the heaviness of being human at an early age. But I’ve also learned something else.

You’re operating within an intense environment. Organizations and institutions shout “self-care” at us, only for judgment to spill out of them if we take a sick day or a lunch break. This work can be massively draining. 

But I designed Kinship Club to fill you right back up because I know that deep in my bones, the best, most effective, and sustainable self-care needs to be experienced in community.  

You’re doing amazingly restorative and, at times, soul-crushing work.  You don’t have to do it alone. You deserve huge doses of kinship and community. You deserve a robust toolbox of interventions to help you navigate tough cases. And in Kinship Club, you get that. You get on-demand doses of comfort, connection, tips, tools & takeaways to become the best provider possible.

Kinship Members Get Tools + Support
That Help You Become A Confident Kid Therapist!

When it comes to professional development for kid therapists, let’s keep it real, Fam. It’s wildly archaic. We’re given laminated feeling charts to express a child’s emotions while being expected to do massively restorative and transformative work. The odds are
not in your favor. In Kinship Club, we balance the scales. 

Here are only some of the resources, training, and support Kinship Club adds to your toolbox to help you fuel your professional development:

  • APT-Approved Play Therapy Workshops – Hosted via Zoom, learn the ins and outs of play therapy techniques. Every workshop is recorded for you and posted to our shared hub. You can check it out at your convenience.
  • Resource Hub (New resources EVERY month) – No more endless Google searches for the perfect activity to use with a kid. Instead, search our database of hundreds of resources to find just what you need.
  • Member Directory Access – Need to connect with a fellow kid therapist with a particular specialty? Looking to make a pivot in your career? As a Kinship Club member, you get access to our member directory that puts you in contact with kid therapists from all over the country with different specialties and connections who are ready to help you take your career to the next level!
  • LIVE Entrepreneur Hours – Over a cozy Zoom gathering, you’ll have a chance to network with some seriously innovative people doing awesomely creative things. If you can’t make the live event, no worries! Everything is recorded for you and available whenever you have the time.
  • Discounted Rate for Supervision/Consultation Sessions with Sarah! – Whether you are working toward your play therapy credential, need some good, old-fashioned case consultation, or want to daydream about starting your own private practice or other biz adventure—I’m here for you.

Value: $2,000+


Become A Confident Kid Therapist

Kinship Members also get…

HUGE doses of love growth laughter kinship !

How? Through these auh-mazing Kinship-focused benefits:

Weekly Meet-Ups

These virtual gatherings are the perfect place and chance to consult, connect, network, and share your ideas.

Kinship Grams

A loving, playful, and FUN way for us to give each other the doses of comfort and connection that we SO deserve!

Private Slack Community

Reduce stress levels as you connect with your Kinship colleagues about resources, upcoming workshops, private practice questions, and ways to practice quality self-care.

Monthly Raffle

Each month, one of our amazing members is randomly selected to have a delightful, playful, nourishing, and restorative package curated just for them.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Kinship Club is packed with tons of other opportunities and surprises that help you connect with and learn from like-minded and like-hearted kid advocates. Here, you’re never alone; you ALWAYS have a community of caring and compassionate humans ready to show up for you.

Get Massive Doses of Kinship

“Kinship Club immediately connected me with the help, resources, and support I needed when I started seeing kids during my internship in grad school. Now I’m working at a private practice and still use Kinship Club as an amazing resource in my practice. I can’t recommend it enough for students and experienced clinicians.”

Joy Fischer, MA, LPC

Kinship Club Member

Why Join Kinship?

Whether you work for an agency, in private practice, or a school system, being a kid therapist can often feel heavy, heartbreaking, and downright isolating. When you look around, there may not be many people who “get” why you’re choosing to skip lunch, work late, or forego all your sick days to keep showing up.

In Kinship Club, you have an on-demand community that gets it. A group of caring and compassionate humans who you can lean on and who will ALWAYS say “tell me more” the moment you let us know you’re having a rough day, managing a tough case, or celebrating a MASSIVE (or tiny) win.

No Matter Your Goals, We’ve Got You.

Kid therapists are more than just caring, compassionate, and curious. You’re also massively creative, Fam. We know that throughout your career, you’ll look to put your own beautiful touch on your restorative work. Although the systems we work in may not provide you with the tools to make that happen, Kinship Club does.

Straight out of Grad School?

Kinship Club offers mentorship for students stepping out of grad school to help ease the transition.

Ready Start Your Own Practice?

Sit in on our monthly 2-hour entrepreneurship sessions. In it, fellow entrepreneurs hold workshops that can help guide you through starting and running your own private practice. You’ll also have access to our network contact sheet to have all the connections and information you need to step out independently with the confidence you deserve.

Ready to Meet Your Kinship Fam?

Not Sure Kinship is right for you?
Let’s give you the confidence you need, Fam!

You’ll know Kinship was made for you if you often skip lunch, work late, and worry about the humans you serve long after your work day has ended.  It’s also for you if you: 

  • Are straight out of grad school
  • Want to feel a part of a community
  • Need to be reminded of what you love about this work
  • Are searching for relevant, meaningful, FUN, and accessible professional development
  • Feel isolated at work
  • You’ve tried sharing your overwhelm with family and friends, but they don’t understand it
  • You’re working with a child and feel totally in over your head
  • You’re ready to start a private practice

Convinced Kinship Club is the perfect place to experience huge doses of comfort & connection? Us, too.

Kinship Is for Me!


What’s the time commitment?

There is 0 time commitment for Kinship! If you can’t make it to the workshops or our Friday meet-ups, we got you. The workshops are recorded and available on the resource hub within 48 hours. And if you ever need some support outside of scheduled coaching sessions or our meet ups, just pop right into our Slack channel. Our live events are only one part of what makes Kinship great. The real value is how our community and resources are always here for you. 

I’m a student; is Kinship Club right for me?

Absolutely! Kinship is designed to meet you wherever you are and fill your toolbox right up. Plus, to help give you an added dose of confidence, you can tap into our mentorship program and be paired with an experienced kid therapist in our community. With our resource hub and their expertise, becoming a confident kid therapist is inevitable.

I’m a mental health entrepreneur; is Kinship Club right for me?

It sure is! So many of our members have started (or shown an interest in starting) their own practice that teaching about entrepreneurship as a kid therapist has become a massive priority in our community! With monthly meetings and entrepreneur-focused workshops, Kinship Club is the perfect place to be held and guided as you embark on this amazing journey.

What are the meet-up times?

As your soon-to-be Kinship Fam, we LOVE seeing and checking in with you. This means that throughout the month, there are ample opportunities and meet-up times to connect with each other and give us an update or insight into what’s going on with you!

We have a standing weekly Friday meeting at 12:30pm PST/3:30pm EST and other times are scheduled based on the schedules of our members. Once you enter the membership, you can access our upcoming meeting times in the app and let us know what works best for you!

What if I miss a play therapy workshop?

We’ve got you! All workshops are recorded, added to our vault, and sent out to you via email. We know you’ve got a lot going on, and that does not negate you from professional growth or connection. Ever. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time, and you can rejoin anytime. Just know whether you’re with us forever or just a moment, we can’t wait to hold that same compassion and care for you that you give out to everyone else.

It’s Okay To Love It And Loathe It.

You’re putting so much good out into the world, Fam. But you’re also feeling the weight of this work–are we right? 

  • You’re feeling it as you try to make time for another Google rabbit hole search to find the right intervention to help a particular child.
  • You’re feeling it as you face another day as the only one on your site who works with kids the way you do. 

You’re feeling isolated yet still managing to show UP in the most restorative, nourishing, compassionate, and ethical way possible. You’re amazing, and every single person in Kinship Club knows it. We need you to know it too. 

By filling up your toolbox with love, care, compassion, and professional development, the Kinship Club is exactly what you need to remind yourself why you are committed to this work. And why sticking it out for those days you love it is worth the days you loathe it. 

“Kinship Club has been an incredibly supportive community for me! It has reminded me that there are such kind and caring individuals all across the country who share the same love and passion I have for working with youth and supporting mental health in creative ways. I am so grateful for everyone in Kinship Club!

Ari Krakowsky, LCSW, RPTKinship Club Member

“Being a part of Kinship Club has been the gift to myself that keeps on giving. Our Friday virtual meet-ups have this magical tendency to be just what I need right when I need it. I’ve found community, support, resources, learning opportunities and even connections to develop my career. Whenever I need something or have a question, the first place I think to go to is Kinship Club. I’m very grateful for this space!”

Reannan Last, MSW, ASWKinship Club Member

“I absolutely LOVE Sarah and the support Kinship Club provides. Currently I’m working toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist and Sarah has been so helpful with navigating the paperwork, hours, and consultations. I also appreciate the opportunity to network weekly with other clinicians. I’m so grateful to have met Sarah and am so excited to be a part of the Kinship Club.”

Brittany Perez, LPCC, NCC, PPSKinship Club Member