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Hi there! I’m Sarah Scott Dooling.

Play therapist. Trainer. Speaker.

When I was 10 years old, I opened a therapy practice in the corner of my living room. My family were my first clients, sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams.

I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve formalized my work with the requisite education, licenses, and certifications.

I’m now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. I’m also still that person who wants to provide comfort, kinship and hope to others. 

I consult with organizations that provide school-based clinical services, supervise clinicians pursuing a play therapy credential, and run a private practice. 

I also love reality TV, gardening, and laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

Sarah is a recognized trainer for clinicians, educators, industry groups, and associations. She presents workshops on play therapy, clinical supervision and compassion fatigue among others. Her workshops keep participants engaged with highly creative and interactive components to offer an exceptional and fun learning environment.


Every day, teachers provide critical academic guidance and emotional support to students who have experienced trauma – ultimately improving feelings of safety & enhancing the ability to arrive to school ready to learn.

Ongoing exposure to toxic stress and and challenging behaviors can lead to faculty struggles with burnout, compassion fatigue, and bandwidth. Teachers frequently report high levels of stress, which negatively affects the academic environment, as well as teacher attendance and retention.

There is an undeniable need and opportunity to improve the level of support provided to these teachers and to elevate their professional wellness while they serve our students.



These professional development workshops are suitable for all teaching, administrative, and support staff. They range from 2-6 hours and are suitable for small to large groups.

Securing Your Own Oxygen Mask

Participants will explore their ongoing stress levels and personal responses to adjusting to teaching during a global pandemic. Participants will also cultivate a customized resiliency program to help them reconnect with their purpose and find greater contentment with their work.

Changing the Story of Toxic Stress

Participants will explore student socio-emotional and mental health issues, gain management techniques for high-trauma scenarios, and connect to supports and resources that improve personal resiliency.

Ready, Set, Play: Integrating Play into your Classroom Routines

Participants will explore the therapeutic power of play to communicate with and support students. Participants will learn play-based activities and interventions that will help them build upon students’ emotional, behavioral, and psychological strengths.


These practical and experiential groups can be customized according to time constraints and topical priorities to address the unique challenges and realities of teaching in a particular setting. Interactive discussions and activities will support increased peer cohesion and camaraderie through experience sharing, lessons learned, as well as exploration of new topics.

Mental health & socio-emotional issues impacting students

Refinement of individual purpose & value as an educator

Development of personalized resiliency techniques & survival skills that quell compassion fatigue

Improved interactions & cooperation with school support staff

Managing challenging behaviors in the classroom

Best practices in parent collaboration

Implementing Student Leadership Programs


Equipping teachers with customized resilience skills to help them survive and thrive in the trenches through high-quality, supportive, as-needed coaching and consulting. Individual coaching helps teachers become the calm, confident and intentional educators they were meant to be.

4 nourishing & restorative 1-hour coaching sessions
Access to their coach via messaging in between sessions