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Calling all School Social Workers!  This week is all about you, you, YOU!  Happy School Social Work Week! 

From the very minute you cross the threshold and begin your day, teachers, administrators, students, and parents request, demand, insist, and sometimes even beg you to tend to matters that they see as urgent. This onslaught can leave you unbearably depleted, and sometimes seriously frustrated with your coworkers who rely on you so heavily.

Some days, it feels like everyone is asking, “why can’t you do MORE?” or, “why can’t you FIX this?” Teachers, administrators and other support staff don’t always understand your position, your “home base,” or what you actually do during your days. And it’s totally natural to feel defensive about that, to want to explain in detail. But often, you just can’t do that. Confidentiality binds you; so you speak in vague terms and evade certain questions. Heck – you might even come across as aloof at times. And other times you can’t explain what you have done to tend to a certain situation, student, or crisis, because you are off and running to the next thing on your list. 

So how are you going to take care of yourself?  How are you going to do this work and not be crushed by it?    

In honor of School Social Work Week, I challenge you to handle yourself with an extra dose of care, concern, and love for the next five days.

I’m so grateful that you are here and doing this work.  Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.