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Statement of Need

Many clinicians draw great personal and professional satisfaction from their work as they pursue critical, positive change among our most vulnerable populations. But operating in intense environments with acute trauma situations, crippling caseloads, and overwhelming bureaucracy can take its toll. The realities of the profession often leave clinicians feeling physically and emotionally fatigued and inadequate – particularly after sustained tenure in the field. Because of their crucial yet exhausting role, social workers require specialized training and support to cultivate personal resiliency and reinforce their sense of a job well done in the face of daunting odds.


Workshop Summary

This practical and experiential workshop is customized to address the unique challenges and realities of direct practice in high-trauma settings. Participants will explore their ongoing stress levels and personal responses to continued work in the system and cultivate a customized resiliency program to help them reconnect with their purpose and find greater contentment with their work. Interactive discussions and activities will support collective knowledge and experience sharing – applicable to transformative self-care and other resiliency supports such as peer consultation and professional development.

Learning Objectives

  • Refinement of individual purpose, motivation, meaning, and value as a clinician
  • Development of personalized resiliency techniques and survival skills that quell compassion fatigue and system burnout
  • Exposure to specific support resources for  knowledge exchange and new connections
  • Experience sharing to build cohesion and comradery among peers
  • Clarified and nurtured sense of self