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I take care of people who take care of kids.

Coaching, Consulting, and Interactive Workshops for Kid Therapists, Parents, and Educators.

Helping kids can feel heavy and heartbreaking.
I see you:

Sacrificing everything to keep kids safe, yet feeling guilty that it will never be enough.

Feeling drained from a tough case that you worry you can’t navigate alone (hello Imposter Syndrome).

Digging deep for inspiration to reconnect with your purpose and keep doing what you love.

There’s still hope, Fam.

I’m here to get you the resources, skills, and self-awareness you need to take care of yourself and help kids thrive.

Hi there! I’m Sarah Scott Dooling.

Licensed therapist. Social worker. Trainer. Speaker…and Play Enthusiast.

When I was 10 years old, I opened a therapy practice in the corner of my living room. My family were my first clients, sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams. I was hooked.

As an adult, I spent over a decade working with kids in schools and in a private practice setting. I’m no stranger to the heaviness of such a high-stress job. That’s partly why I became a clinical supervisor, guiding mental health teams as they navigate even the most overwhelming cases.

Now, I focus on helping anyone who cares for kids gain the clarity they need to feel competent and excited about their roles. I love sharing wisdom and fun tools from my experience that can help them become the best providers possible. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, counselor, or kid therapist…

I’ve got you.

It is my mission to provide doses of comfort, connection, tips, tools & takeaways to people who work with kids. I want you to instantly feel relief because you feel that you’re part of a community that has your back. 

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Where I’ve been lately.


Heal With Play exists to provide a place for people who care for kids to connect – with me and with each other. To decrease isolation. To increase feelings of safety and connectedness. To provide professional growth opportunities that will remind them what they love about this work.

As an educator at heart, I infuse the power of human connection and self-care into my services to create enjoyable learning experiences for every client. 

Here’s how I can help:

Supervision and Consultation for Kid Therapists

High-quality, supportive supervision can help you become the competent and confident clinician you were meant to be.

Experiential Workshops for Kid Therapists, Parents, and Teachers

Interactive, hands-on workshops covering topics like stress management, play therapy and avoiding caregiver burnout.

Kinship Club

A restorative community of like-minded kid therapists sharing tips, tools, and takeaways to help you grow in your practice.

Customized Workshops, Webinars, and Consultations

Topics ranging from play therapy interventions and innovations to self-care and compassion fatigue.

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Kind Words

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I’m that therapist who wants to make helping kids feel fun for you again.

Get personalized support to get rid of overwhelm and feel empowered as a child caregiver.

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