Interactive and Experiential Workshops

Designed for School Social Workers, Counselors, and Psychologists


Cultivating Resilience in Children

Play Therapy for Children and Adolescents


Interactive and Experiential Workshops for Helping Professionals

As an educator and consultant, it’s my mission to equip people working with kids in high-stakes scenarios with the skills and self-awareness to thrive. Through customized workshops, webinars, and consultations I help teachers and clinical practitioners hone their craft, cultivate resilience, and reconnect with their purpose.

Adult Therapy

Alleviating stress from your tense, time-constrained responsibilities will free you to create the joy-filled and rewarding life you need and want.

Children and Adolescents

Using a range of play therapy techniques, I can help your child to develop and strengthen social, emotional, behavioral and communication skills.

Supervision and Consultation for Therapists

High quality, supportive supervision can help you become the competent and confident clinician you were meant to be.

Play Therapy

In a supportive environment, children are able to express themselves when they are unable to find the words to communicate feelings.

Experiential Workshop

Interactive and experiential workshops covering topics like stress management, play therapy, and avoiding caregiver burnout.

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Customized Workshops, Webinars, and Consultations

Topics ranging from play therapy interventions and innovations to self-care and compassion fatigue.

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