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Changing the Story of Toxic Stress

Play therapy can build resiliency in children of all ages, helping them cultivate critical skills to navigate daunting circumstances that range from poverty and abuse to homelessness and deportation. This interactive and exploratory workshop will help you harness play therapy treatment planning and interventions to conceptualize and address the complicated manifestations of toxic stress in children – all while nurturing yourself as a clinician working with vulnerable clients and high-stakes scenarios. This workshop is capped at 10 attendees to ensure maximum customization.


Participant Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the prevalence and biology of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and how toxic stress is manifested throughout childhood development.
  • Discuss research and experiences that illuminate and justify the rationale for using play therapy to address toxic stress.
  • Create a conceptualizing framework for toxic stress that connects complex presenting problems with treatment goals.
  • Generate sample play therapy treatment plans that support the development of coping and stress management skills for internalized and/or externalized symptoms.
  • Explore and practice innovative play therapy interventions that build resilience in children.
  • Identify self care principles and professional development resources for play therapists who work with children experiencing toxic stress.

Lets Play

  • Ideal for clinicians, especially those focused on Play Therapy
  • Introductory level course
  • Cost $150
  • This workshop meets APT qualifications for 6 hours of play therapy training and is approved (#886792816-9663) by NASW for 6 hours of continuing education contact hours.