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Oodles of Interventions

This interactive and experiential workshop will demonstrate the value of play therapy and address the unique challenges and opportunities of treatment planning and delivery in school settings. Capped at 10 attendees to ensure maximum customization, sessions will enable participants to: examine social, emotional and mental health issues for child and adolescent students; practice and explore play therapy interventions; and build a play therapy matrix to match interventions with presenting problems and treatment objectives. Attendees will also learn how to reconnect with their purpose and maximize the impact of their work through radical self-care and effective collaborations with other school stakeholders. REGISTER HERE

Participant Learning Objectives

  • Understand the dynamic between presenting problems, treatment goals, and play therapy interventions
  • Develop a personal approach to school-based play therapy treatment planning and interventions
  • Explore and experience resilience-building play therapy interventions
  • Create a play therapy intervention matrix with treatment goals and objectives for common presenting problems in students
  • Address real-time experiences and refine long-term goals as school-based play therapists via knowledge sharing and interactive exercises
  • Identify self-care principles and professional development resources tailored for school-based play therapy practice