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What you do every day is really, really hard. You come in early, stay late, work through your lunch, and work more on the weekends. On any given day, you serve as therapist, case manager, consultant, mentor, coach, advisor, and role model. And now you are trying to find a way to do all this from home!

You are collaborating and creating. Brainstorming and connecting. Coming together and joining forces. Meeting on Zoom, Google, FaceTime, and so much more.

You are spending minutes, hours, and days trying to navigate how to best support and care for the humans you serve. You are so dedicated to helping us all get through this uniquely challenging and unsettling chapter.

It’s not enough to say that I’m inspired by you. You energize me. You motivate me. You light me up! You make me want to work harder, feel more, and just be the best human I can be.

Thank goodness for you. Please remember to take the very best care of yourself. You matter to so many people!

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